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for the big show in new york city, the 86th annual macy's parade in new york city. kicking off at 6:00 this morning. you are looking at a live picture with hello kitty balloon they also have papa smurf, all the rest are inflated and standing by so are the crowds. this year's line-up features 16 character balloons, 40 novelty balloons, 28 floats, 1600 cheerleaders, 900 clowns and 11 marching bands, including one from the bay area. the big headliner santa. you laugh. >> i like the way you do this. >> i feel like i'm going to sing this. the city gave away 5,000 bleacher seats to families hit hard by superstorm sandy. the south bay's own marching band and color guard is performing. last year it was one of the 11 bands in the country chosen. the music department had to raise nearly $150,000 for the trip. eve of the families had to pay $2,000 to cover flight, rooms, meals and transportation, that's a lot of commitment we wish them a lot of luck and fun. >> once in a lifetime opportunity, had to do it. >>> this year, thursday, today is the new black friday for some shoppers, a lot of store
. killing more than 100 people. mass transit expected to be packed this morning. new york city commuters and students tried to go back-to-school, work for the first time in new jersey only half of the school districts are open, power restored to about 80% of new york state. more wet and windy weather is predicted wednesday, mike was talking that nor'easter forcing 10 -- tens of thousands camping in the cold, people in new jersey were rattled by a minor quake 2.0, luckily no reports of damage. >> abc is teaming up with the red cross to help victims of sandy through today's day of giving campaign. amy hollyfield is live at pier 54 in san francisco with information on how easy it is to help. >> reporter: the bay area red cross has sent five vehicles to help. that i sent more than 100 volunteers. while there, they are handing out supplies, like these cleaning kits, people need bleach and mops to cleanup the mess left by the storm. they are handing out toiletries. they are handing out water. all dire products and stuff that people need when they are there. however, they don't want you to dona
transportation resuming today. katie marzullo is in the newsroom with the latest. >> reporter: new york city is coming back to life it might be easier for some to get around starting today. first laguardia airport has reopened as of this morning flights limited call your airline if you are flying this morning. subways and ferries resuming limited service. buses will try to fill in gaps. governor cuomo is waiving fees and fares today and tomorrow to help people get around. for anyone who dares to drive, police are manning checkpoints and enforcing a three-person carpool requirement to get into manhattan. they are looking at new jersey now, slower recovery there from the storm which has killed more than 70 people and left millions without power. natural gas fires still burning in new jersey and people are still stranded in hoboken. >> compared to the last storm this is far worst and it is going to take quite sometime to get this back together again. >> reporter: new york's bellevue hospital had to be fully shutdown and national guard troops are evacuating patients. 10,000 troops have been put
burn in mantoloking where homes were destroy. in new york city's effort return to normal continues with the city's marathon the mayor says it is on. some people don't want that race run because it is going to use up limited city resources. tahman bradley, abc7 news. >> with the cleanup and the race you are talking about the marathon, any hope for better weather in new york this weekend? >> reporter: unfortunately, no. there's so many people who are home lessor in the dark, there's a nor'easter moving in that will buy cold weather, rain, freezing temperatures, it is going to make matters worse, unfortunately. >> that money, thank you. >>> -- tahman bradley, thank you. >>> our weather for the weekend? >> looks like we are in for a warm-up. >>> absolutely, warming trend on the way starts today with baby steps we start to take a bigger step over the weekend then record high temperatures. until we get to that, -- quarter mile visibility in novato, 3/4 in napa, livermore down to a quarter mile. watch out for varying conditions as you are driving around this morning. probably the -- i kno
say it was imposed in new york city and long island because something had to be done to ease long waits which they say has caused panic buying and hording in the wake of sandy. rationing has been underway in new jersey for one week a nor'easter knocked out power to hundreds of thousands of new people in new york and new jersey has erased some of the progress made by crews. you remember the 1979 oil crisis in california we did that odd/even rationing. >> you bet. how are you going to plan your weekend? >>> better be ready for more wet weather saturday evening will be a little nicer, just as chilly if not even cooler than this evening. looking to the southeast, definite clearing trend, clouds starting to break up, temperatures [ inaudible ] showers continue to move away from us, we still have that one lone one along 237 central expressway towards milpitas, calaveras beautiful, sierra boulevard, alum rock the -- the last areas getting wet around the bay, rotating to the south and east and away from us probably the last push of wet weather for the morning commute. castro valley, pea t
this morning. let's look at what it has let in new york city. a live picture that is the columbus circle area to the right is central park there is traffic buses are moving the snow on the sidewalks, what you can't see is how windy it still feels, how blustery and cold it is normally something like this would be no big deal but this is after superstorm sandy. the falling temperatures are adding to the problems for those who already lost heat and electricity because of sandy. new jersey issued mandatory evacuation order for several coastline communities. >> cops are knocking on doors telling us we to evacuate immediately. they are expecting another surge of water and they want everybody out of the houses. >> we may face a setback in the next 24 hours. you need to be prepared for that. i'm prepared for that. >> a lot of people still without power, more have jut lost power people shivering in the cold some out of their homes from sandy drivers dealing with icy roads, closed highways on top of gas shortages and adjusted mass transit. >>> nor'easter is affecting travel here. 11 flights scheduled t
's thanksgiving parade in new york city. preschool favorite will make her debut the teenaged mutant ninja turtles return probably with a different look. all the floats, including this new one from dominoes sugar being prepared across the hudson at a warehouse in new jersey. >>> next, explosions and fire at san francisco city hall forces evacuations. how it might affect business today. >>> possible break for police in identifying suspects who kidnapped a woman and forced her to withdraw money from her bank account. >>> danville, san ramon valley, 41°, high clouds, 70 throughout the afternoon, stars and high clouds 56 by 7:00./ç north up to petaluma temperatures today mild with high clouds and sun, 40 this morning, mid to upper 60s during the afternoon. down the peninsula keep going, there we go, redwood city, 47° at 7:00, hanging out at near >>> good wednesday morning it is 5:30 i'm kristen sze. >>> and i'm eric thomas. first a look at the weather forecast. today is going to be the last gasp of summer. >> milder this morning, good morning, live doppler no radar returns, definitely a lot of high
parade. ♪ ♪ >> this is what these dancers will be doing in the new york city parade. the girls say they are super excited their routine will be part of a 500 member dance showcase. >> we are going to be in a tight clump so when everybody is doing it all together it is going to look awesome especially with so many people. >> i'm nervous but really excited. ♪ >> the students have to pay their own way so that i been doing fundraising this is the second time the dance studio has been invited to appear in the parade. >>> two couples go home on "dancing with the stars." melissa and her partner tony ruled the ballroom with two perfect scores. we know it is fans who will have the final say on this one. how will they vote? stay tuned. >>> breaking news in daly city. a water main break is causing major flooding. the latest coming up. >>> scandal involving a sex club causes major shake-up at port of oakland. >>> car plunges into the reservoir in the north bay. mystery highway patrol is trying to solve. >>> concord starting at 70°, sunshine, thin clouds and mid 60s throughout the afternoon.
in new york city and right now no delays locally. >>> live look at golden gate bridge, fog-free not down on the deck as thick as it was yesterday, you may find fog but it is no visibility issues if you are traveling on the golden gate bridge and you've got four lanes southbound. bart, muni, caltrain, all mass transit, everybody is on time. situation on the bay bridge west and eastbound treasure island on and off-ramps closed due to police activity. reports from the san francisco police department they hope to have that open by 6:30. amy hollyfield is there we'll get an update from her in a bit. police activity in milpitas jacqueline road closed between north milpitas and arizona avenue. >>> 6:30. san francisco's ban on public nudity may spark more nudity. small protest broke out at a tree-lighting in san francisco's castro district last night. families surrounded the corner at 18th and castro to mark the holiday but joined by beam with signs protesting the city's nudity ban. it appears everyone kept their clothes on. nudists say it is not over they will be out in full force at three upco
. >>> we are hearing about a new york city policeman whose act of kindness has gone viral he gave a hopeless man shoes in times square, that he bought himself because the man had no shoes. a picture tan by a tourist has been seen around the world. -- >> couldn't believe it, he was like this is too much officer, god bless you and be safe, it was almost like you gave him a million dollars. >> he says he is shocked by the attention. he says he keeps the receipt for the boots in his vest as a reminder of just how tough some people have it. he went into the shoe store to buy them, they gave him the employee discount so he saved 25% on the boots. >> inspiring to so many people. >>> 5:29. the bay area is wet thi3k( morning. you can see the lights are out on the bay bridge. we are getting reports that the lights are also out on the san mateo bridge. with strong gusts perhaps not surprising. we got the winds here's a live look from los gatos rain is coming down hard, you can tell it is windy. >> that means the possibility of downed trees and hydroplaning on the roads and power outages. har
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Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11